The most prestigious museum of wooden sculptures in North America.
A guided tour will introduce you to custom techniques and the tools used to create the works presented.
Basswood, butternut, white pine, white oak, poplar and sumac are the different types of wood used by artists to create their sculptures.
The workshop as we could see it at the time of Médard Bourgault is a creation of the "Groupe des 8" (sculptors of the region) as a tribute to the talents of the past who paved the road. Today, ideas and modern tools have taken the place but the imaginative creations remain and develop constantly. New talents are emerging and new materials are added to give art its meaning.
"Ecce homo" par Médard Bourgault
Our pioneers
There are several big names in wood carving in Quebec: Louis Thomas Berlinguet Jacques Leblond, Denys Mallet, Noël and Pierre Levasseur, François and Jean Baillargé are a few who preceded the Bourgault brothers.
Sculpture and crafts are in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, traditions which continue for 70 years. It is thanks to the many artisans as: Bourgault brothers Médard, Andre and Jean-Julien in sculpture; Eugene, Honoré Leclerc for model boats and obviously Emilie Chamard for crafts that Saint-Jean-Port-Joli became the "World Capital of sculpture and crafts"
A huge mural adorns a wall in the second floor of the museum. One step back you will appreciate every detail of this beautiful mural.
(Clicking on the pictures will allow to see the details of the fresco).
Louis Lavoie
An artist is on site for your delight will explain the rudiements of woodcarving.
For several years, the sculptor Louis Lavoie began breeding grotesque works of American Norman Rockwell.
When a master of gouge meets a king  pencil ....
Pier Cloutier (Clout)
Born in 1945 in Montmagny, Pierre Cloutier began to manipulate the chisel at a very young age. At 16, he studied with Jean-Julien Bourgault. He was unquestionably one of his best students. His peace "Près de l'étang" (Near the pound) is the emblem of the museum.
Nu- Pier Cloutier  "Clout"
You can enjoy two floors on the work of several generations of sculptors and works depicting famous personalities.
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Many surprises await you during your visit at the Musée de sculpture sur bois des Anciens Canadiens . We hope that this will help you to better appreciate the knowledge of the great masters of the wood that made Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Côte-du-Sud, the capital of sculpture and crafts. In addition, at the end of your visit, you will have access to our store for a wide range of gifts and souvenirs. Take a quick look now at our boutique. We invite you to come see us, or return with your children.
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